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Tough Apparel

Gloss Black Leather Rachet Belt & Iron Buckle

Gloss Black Leather Rachet Belt & Iron Buckle

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This gloss black ratchet belt will have you feeling like a million bucks one click at a time. The cut to size strap and easy to use ratchet buckle will have you wondering how you ever survived life with a normal belt.

Listen, we get it. Your weight fluctuates, so does ours. And normal belts suck. That's why our ratcheting "perfect fit, every time" belts will hug your waist with a warm embrace no matter what the scale says.  Tough Apparel ratchet belts are designed to be cut down to size on the buckle end. A normal pair of scissors will cut the belt.

* one size fits all --> toddler size up to men's pant size 60.

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