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Tough Apparel

Black Leather Ratchet Belt & Gun Metal Buckle

Black Leather Ratchet Belt & Gun Metal Buckle

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Top grain leather outer with a reinforced core to handle consistent carrying of a weapon and/or other holster accessories.  Listen, we get it. Your weight fluctuates, so does ours. And normal belts suck. That's why our ratcheting "perfect fit, every time" belts will hug your waist with a warm embrace no matter what the scale says.  Tough Apparel ratchet belts are designed to be cut down to size on the buckle end. A normal pair of scissors will cut the belt. you can even cut down to children sizes.

* one size fits all --> toddler size up to men's pant size 60
* materials: 1 3/8" (40mm size set) reinforced top grain leather and 1 1/2" (40mm size set) buckle

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